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ELibrary UNJ as Mobile Library

Jakarta, April 13, 2022
Technological developments evolved to form a new culture which then changed everyone’s lifestyle. Now almost everyone has a smartphone. This gadget is used by the people of Indonesia for an average of 5.5 hours per day or more. In creating a love of reading apart from individual and family awareness, support from various parties is needed, including the provision of interesting reading facilities and keeping up with the times.
The Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020 had an effect on the learning system at the Jakarta State University going online. The UPT Library is no exception, which has also been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in the form of restrictions on physical access to services and collections. This affects the use of the library by the academic community as a learning tool.
In early 2021, the UPT Library officially launched the UNJ ELibrary application and is expected to help the academic community in online learning. UNJ’s ELibrary is a library application that provides books in digital form and can be accessed using smartphones or tablets based on Android and iOS. Currently, the collection of digital books available in the UNJ ELibrary is 1,897 titles with 3,354 copies from various categories and will be added periodically according to consideration.
The advantage of the UNJ ELibrary from the user side is that it can access the collection online without being penalized for late loan repayments. Meanwhile, from the advantage of the librarian, it can reduce the risk of damage, loss of collections, and does not take up physical collection storage space.
Using the UNJ ELibrary is quite easy, namely:
  • Download UNJ ELibrary via play store (android) or app store (ios)
  • Register an account via
  • Academic community can log in to the UNJ ELibrary after receiving an account confirmation via email,
  • Academic community can borrow a maximum of 2 (two) books from the UNJ ELibrary collection.
  • Academic community can also upload the book he wrote as a reference for other UNJ academicians, as long as the book is published by UNJ Press,
The requirements for UNJ ELibrary is the user are the part of the academic community of the Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Hopefully the use of the UNJ ELibrary can be maximized by the academic community and later can improve the work of the academic community in the form of digital books that can be uploaded to the UNJ ELibrary. Come on, UNJ civitas immediately download, register, and use the UNJ ELibrary now! (RKU).
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