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Library Services

Library Services at UPT Perpustakaan UNJ
  1. User locker on 1st Floor
    Users can exchange their original identity cards in the form of KTP/KTM/other identity cards which can be exchanged for locker keys for storing goods.
  2. Circulation Service on 2nd Floor
    Circulation services serve:
    – Borrowing, extending and returning books.
    – Making membership cards and cooperation cards.
    – Library free service.
    – Services for non-member visitors.
    – Replacement of lost book loans.
    – Information on finding & lost items at UPT Library (lost and found).
    – Late return of locker keys.
  3. Corner Service on 4th Floor
    – Disability Corner
    Services with certain collection types and physical limitations. This service is the result of collaboration between the Jakarta State University Library and the Department of Extraordinary Education (PLB) Faculty of Education, State University of Jakarta.
    – BI Corner
    BI Corner service is a collaboration between UPT Jakarta State University Library and Bank Indonesia and volunteers from GENBI students. Access to BI Corner services can contact the circulation service section.
  4. Referral Service on 5th Floor
    Help services, instructions, guidance for finding information in dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, directories, almanacs, and more.
  5. Journal Services, Papers, and Research Reports on 5th Floor
    – Collection of journals and magazines.
    – Collection of research reports from the UNJ academic community.
    – Clipping collection.
  6. Scientific Work Services (Thesis, Thesis, Dissertation) on the 6th Floor
    Readers who wish to access the collection of scientific works are required to submit a library membership card or other permitted identity to the librarian.
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